At Add Actives, we care deeply about helping you look after your skin. Our purpose is to ensure the vitality and longevity of your skin so your outer beauty reflects the inner goddess that you are. This is an important mission and you can expect nothing less than perfection from us, starting with the application of the latest beauty technology and the use of high-quality ingredients. In this process, we focus on every detail, including packaging.

Let the Sunshine in. But How Much Light is too Much Light?

Sunlight is essential in many ways: it delivers Vitamin D to our body, which makes our bones stronger and improves our emotional well-being. Sun is equally as important for plants. In order to grow and develop, green plants use light in the process of photosynthesis. These principles are well-known to us, but we also know that too much sun can cause damage to our skin. In a similar way, excessive sun exposure can harm other organisms on the planet.

Plants require light during the maturation phase. However, if plants remain exposed to sun radiation after the maturation process is completed, molecular break down will occur. Too much of a good thing can be bad, and too much sun can cause organic material to break down.

At Add Actives, we put a great deal of research into how to protect your skin, and use only the finest ingredients. Our aim is to ensure that our natural, nourishing cosmetic products will keep their active and protective features right from our laboratories throughout consecutive applications in your home.

“The Bottle of All Bottles”

Miron Violet Glass is an advanced technology-based packaging producer, specializing in the cosmetic and food industry. Miron devotes their research to preservation of biological energy not only by protecting against harmful light, but also by taking advantage of the beneficial effects of the entire light spectrum.

To achieve this, Miron Violet Glass blocks harmful visible light radiation, protecting the sensitive natural ingredients of the stored content. Our unique cosmetic bottles act as a natural filter, while simultaneously transmitting the violet range of UV-A and infrared light through the glass. This transmission is vitally important to extending the products shelf life, as it halts the decomposition process of our ingredients. In other words, rather than the content of the cosmetic bottles getting less effective, it progressively becomes enriched.

How Does that Work?

In the past decade, Miron Violet Glass researchers performed a series of quality analyses on different substances (including almond and olive oils, algae, rose and drinking water, honey, fruit and cereals), in order to prove the protecting effect on ingredients stored in violet glass.

To confirm this, experts analyzed the processes on a microscopic and cellular level. Using biophotonics, a technology based on observation of cell radiation, scientists discovered that all cells emit a minor light radiation, containing information on the entire organism’s processes, including its general condition. Proving the existence of UVA-light in organisms was a major discovery, especially since it became evident that cell radiation can initiate biochemical reactions, such as cell function control and regeneration.

These findings were applied to the technology of Miron Violet Glass. Further studies performed by Miron in cooperation with German beekeepers in 2008, showed that honey, stored in Miron Violet Glass over a longer period of time, does not break down its ingredients. In fact, violet glass offers a unique storage environment, which enhances the taste, smell, colour, texture and structure, and preserves enzymes more efficiently compared to other glass containers and jars, currently available on the market.

Add Actives Protects the Ingredients You Use

Conventional packaging such as clear, green, or brown glass, provides less protection from the quality-degrading effects of light due to the inability to filter harmful radiation. This can lead to a rapid deterioration of active ingredients, change in texture, and accelerated breakdown of the product. Our high standards for quality assurance dictate top-notch packaging. In this context, we trust Miron Violet Glass just as much as our customers trust us.

Add Actives proudly uses only Miron Violet Glass to ensure you get what you deserve:

• quality preservation of ingredients, texture, color and scent,

• all natural effective ingredients,

• protection from harmful radiation, and

• prolonged shelf life.

We believe in aesthetically pleasing and efficient Miron Violet Glass. Because harmful light radiation should neither damage your skin, nor the content of the products that protect you.